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Should You Spank? Julie Hanks on Rewind 100.7

I talked with caller “Mike” on Todd and Erin Morning Show on Rewind 100.7 FM about how he and his ex-wife disagreed about how to discipline: his wife spanked and he disagreed with it. It ultimately ended their marriage.

How can you handle differences in discipline between parents? What are alternatives to spanking?

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G.I.V.E. Your Teen Better Communication Skills

Wasatch Family Therapy

Do you ever feel like communication with your teen is going no where? Have you ever wondered if your teen has a mom/dad filter that blocks out everything you say? You’re not alone. My favorite tip to help build better communication patterns with families (and couples) is using the acronym G.I.V.E.


What To Do When Your Child Is Grieving



Dealing with the death of a family member or close friend can be a time of great challenge. One of the most difficult tasks following the death of a loved one is discussing and explaining the death with children and adolescents in the family. This comes at a time when parents and caregivers are dealing with their own grief, and may be drained of energy and emotions.


4 Tips For Getting Teens to Engage in Family Time

4 Tips For Getting Teens to Engage in Family Time

1) Model the behavior you want to see

Although it may not seem like it, your teens are watching your behavior just as much as you are watching theirs. Show your teens that family time is an important part of your family life by being consistent, enthusiastic, and engaged. Put away your cell phone and focus on the family if you expect them to do the same.

2) Make it a scheduled event

Pick a day and stick to it! Chances are your teen’s social life is buzzing with friends, school, and other activities, making a scheduled event increases the chances that your teen (and you) will fit it into the schedule. Send them a reminder a few days before and remember to tell them the day of that you are looking forward to spending time with them.


Why Being a Mean Mom Can Be a Good Thing: Clair Mellenthin on KUTV Fresh Living

Why Being a Mean Mom Can Be a Good Thing: Clair Mellenthin on KUTV Fresh Living

Clair Mellenthin, Clinical Director, joined KUTV Fresh Living to let us know why being a mom mean isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here are a few tips for “being mean”:

  • Don’t be the cool parent!
  • Set expectations
  • Children need consistency
  • Catch kids being good

Watch the interview for more reasons being “mean mom” is good!


Teach Your Daughter Body Love: Julie Hanks on Studio 5

Many of you have joined our Body Love movement, turning the negative self-talk into positive views of our bodies. Now, we challenge you to help your daughters feel good about how they look. Studio 5 Contributor, Therapist Julie Hanks, LCSW shares 10 ways to teach young girls the concept of body love.

Free Printable – 10 Ways to Teach Your Daughter Body Love!

Teaching Your Daughter Body Love Julie Hanks PRINTABLE

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Preventing Food Allergy Bullying: Clair Mellenthin on KUTV Fresh Living

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Food allergies affect 1 in 100 kids these days. That means, your child, someone at your child’s school, or someone you know probably has a food allergy. These allergies can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and bullying or teasing by others. Clair Mellenthin, LCSW joins KUTV Fresh Living to discuss ways to protect a child with food allergies.

Watch the interview.

Tips for Protecting Your Child:

1. Always advocate for your child. Educate teachers, peers, and others (ie. airlines) regarding the consequences of a child being exposed to the allergen.
2. Be open and honest with your child about the risks associated with their allergy.
3. Keep open lines of communication with your child about their feelings or fears about their allergy. This will give them the opportunity to open up if someone is giving them a hard time.


The Parent Trap: Clair Mellenthin on KUTV Fresh Living

Parenting is a difficult road to navigate especially when there might be two parents involved who have two different styles of parenting. Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, and clinical director of Wasatch Family Therapy joined KUTV Fresh Living to talk about the Parent Trap.Family 2

Watch the interview here.

3 Things to Remember to Avoid the Parent Trap:

  • Every parent is different.
  • There is no “right” parent.
  • Come together and be unified as parents.

Is Public Shaming Good or Bad Parenting?: KSL News

Julie Hanks, LCSW joins KSL News to discuss the newest parenting trend, public shaming.

Public shaming might not be the punishment that parents are hoping for. It may encourage bad behavior by directing attention to it. This concerning trend shames the child but doesn’t address the negative behavior. Also, it does seem concerning that parents are receiving attention for the shaming instead of focusing on the teaching of positive behavior.

Here are a couple ideas that can take the place of public shaming:

1. Focus on your relationship with your child. Use that relationship to discuss the values that matter to your family and why their behavior isn’t in line with those values.

2. Focus on positive behaviors that reinforce family values, like volunteering.