Dr. Julie Hanks LCSW Owner & Executive Director

PhD University of Louisiana at Monroe, MSW University of Utah

Owner & Executive Director: I want to help you thrive in your personal life and in your family relationships! Together, we can find the balance between caring for yourself and for others.
Julie Hanks PhD, LCSW Owner & Executive Director

I want to help you thrive in your personal life and in your family relationships! Together, we can find the balance between caring for yourself and for others, and develop the skills to create emotional health. Through couples counseling I help partners find a deeper connection and build skills to remain close and satisfied. I am particularly passionate about working with young adult women dealing with relationship problems and life transitions. I take every opportunity to use the media to promote healthy relationships & mental health and I love helping other therapists build thriving practices.

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Specialty Areas

Women’s Mental Health * Marriage Therapy * Depression * Eating Disorders * Sexual Issues * Childbirth/Postpartum/Infertility * Childhood Abuse * Family Therapy * LDS Therapy * Private Practice Consultation * Workshops

Therapy: Dr. Hanks is not accepting new psychotherapy clients at this time, however, she is offering individual coaching sessions focused on short-term problem solving.

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Private practice consultations: Dr. Hanks consults regularly mental health therapists in private practice on how to build a successful business, expand your solo practice into a larger clinic, gain media interviews, social media marketing, and build a strong online practice presence

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