Martha Johnson, MSW Intern

MSW Intern, Western New Mexico University

Childhood can be like a storm in a bottle or a walk on a playful beach, or both, all in the same day! By providing a safe place to explore your relationships, I can help you learn how to calm the storms in your child’s life, or the storms in your own, and help you find peace for your home.
Martha Johnson, MSW Intern
Childhood can be like a storm in a bottle or a walk on a playful beach, or both, and sometimes all in the same day! As a parent, you might be wondering what to do with the stormy days? What can you do to calm your child? How can you keep the storms from popping up in the first place? A key to helping your children through the most formative years of their lives–the phases of life when the stakes are highest–is to build safe, secure relationships with them. As a parent, that is your job, but I can help you by first helping diffuse the storms in your child and then helping you learn how to keep from creating more storms. Through play therapy, art therapy, sand tray therapy as well as client-centered talk therapy, I can help you learn the art of relationship. You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see in your children and yourself when you learn how to be present with them, how to actively listen to them, and how to speak with them in ways that honors their feelings and their worth as human beings. And if it’s your own childhood that’s still kicking up dust in your adult life, these methods, among others, can help you find your peace, your inner strength, and help restore you to the happiness of life. 

Professional Highlights

  • MSW Intern, Western New Mexico University
  • Master of Sociology, Brigham Young University
  • Bachelor of Health Science and English Secondary Education, Brigham Young University
  • Member National Association of Social Workers
  • Member National Association of Play Therapists

Specialty Areas

Child Therapy * Parenting Therapy * Family Therapy * Childhood Trauma Recovery and Resilience Development * Sexual, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Abuse Recovery *

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