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Melanie Davis, CMHC, NCC

MS, University of Phoenix, Mental Health Counseling

I help individuals achieve a sense of well-being, happiness & understanding by creating a safe, positive and therapeutic environment conducive for lasting change.
Melanie Davis, CMHC, NCC

I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve a sense of well-being, happiness and understanding of self by creating a safe, positive and therapeutic environment conducive for lasting change. Life is a journey and a continuous cycle of self-exploration, discovery, improvement and re-creation. Using a transparent and straight forward style we will work together to progress toward your desired outcome.  By creating a safe environment, I will support you as you gain clarity, set meaningful goals and connect the role your thoughts and feelings play in your personal growth and self understanding.

I see counseling as an opportunity to support and guide individuals, couples and families through in depth exploration of themselves that will ultimately lead to a more clear understanding of who you are and a greater level of happiness and satisfaction in your life.  I have a passion for each person’s ability to feel complete, and to reach their personal goals in life. It is my hope that this focus will allow you to embrace your emotions and create satisfying and lasting emotional connections while at the same time understanding what role they play in the process of your own journey.

Professional Highlights & Memberships

  • Master’s of Professional Counseling, University of Phoenix
  • Member of the Utah Mental Health Counseling Associations Honor Society
  • American Art Therapy Association
  • American Counseling Association
  • Utah Mental Health Counseling Association
  • American Mental Health Counselors Association

Specialty Areas

Adults * Couples * Children * Adoption Related Issues * Anxiety * Depression *Body Image & Food Concerns * Post Traumatic Stress * Substance Dependency * Women’s Issues * Sexual Abuse * Multicultural Issues

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