Samantha Castleton

LCSW, University of Southern California

My approach to the therapeutic process is one of compassion, genuineness, and patience. Problem solving and healing take time, having someone support and guide you through difficult life transitions can make the process easier and help you open doors to better communication and coping skills.
Samantha Castleton, LCSW

My approach to the therapeutic process is one of compassion, genuineness, and patience. Learning skills to improve how we communicate, problem solve, and heal can make the therapeutic process easier. When working with teens, families, and individuals I take every opportunity to promote healthy relationships and encourage my clients to remember their successes as they learn and grow. Through the use of mindfulness exercises, play therapy, skills building, and other therapeutic techniques I believe change and healing are achievable. I am interested in helping you discover the best route to finding balance and well-being in your life. Remember, challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Professional Highlights & Memberships

  • MSW Ambassador for University of Southern California
  • Clinical Social Worker Graduate from University of Southern California
  • DBT Therapy Specialist
  • NASW Member
  • Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor
  • Clinical Social Worker for Primary Children’s Hospital

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