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Private Practice Training

Private Practice Building Webinars

by Julie Hanks, LCSW

Let me share what I’ve learned over the years about building a successful, energizing, and creative private practice! The following webinars are offered through my consulting company Julie Hanks, LLC.

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

Attract fee-for-service to your health or mental health private practice or small business through effective social media marketing. Over the past 12 years I’ve built a private practice with 3 locations and 20+ providers with a fee-for-service private pay model (free of managed care) by attracting ideal clients through building a strong online presence and leveraging social media. In this webinar you will learn:

  • The building blocks of a strong online presence that will attract your ideal clients to your practice.
  • The most important thing you can do to attract ideal clients online to your practice.
  • Which social networking sites you should focus on to reach your ideal clients.
  • Learn effective strategies to grow and engage your social media following.

BONUS: Webinar participants will be invited to join and my exclusive Social Media Marketing Facebook Group

*after completing purchase click “return to Julie Hanks, LLC” to complete registration

Replay video & handouts $39.99 USD


Creating Income Stability through Multiple Income Streams

Private health and mental health practitioners who rely solely on income from direct clinical hours may find themselves in financially vulnerable situations. In this webinar will focus on different ways mental health therapists can pursue additional income streams.

  • Consutling
  • Teaching
  • Publishing/Writing
  • Supervising
  • Speaking

BONUS: Webinar participants will receive coupon code for $50 off of individual private practice consultation with Julie Hanks, LCSW

*after completing purchase click “return to Julie Hanks, LLC” to complete registration

Replay Video, Handouts, $50 off consulting $39.99 USD


My PR Secret Weapon: Landing Top Media Interviews

Learn how to land and leverage local and national media interviews to share your message and build your practice. While media interviews provide private practice therapists and small business owners the opportunity to educate thousands of people about their area expertise and their practice, very few therapists and small business owners feel prepared to seek out and successfully execute media interviews, or know how to maximize them in order to build trust and credibility. Participants will learn about landing top-tier media interviews on a regular basis and gain insights on what reporters are looking for, tips to prepare for interviews, suggestions on how to turn a one-time interview into recurring interviews, and how to maximize interviews to grow their practice or small business.

  • My PR Secret Weapon! I’ll reveal which reporter service I’ve found to be most effective in landing national interviews.
  • My strategies for turning single interviews into multiple, recurring interviews.
  • How to develop relationships with journalists and reporters so you will be on their “short list.”
  • How to make it easier for journalists to find you online and request an interview.
  • How to leverage your media interviews to maximize your exposure.

Replay Video and Handouts $59.99 USD

Access the Webinar Video Replay and Powerpoint for only $59.99

*After you complete your payment via PayPal click on the link on Paypal page that says “Return to Julie Hanks“ and access the replay video

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