Stepfamily Class

Smart Steps Stepfamily Class

Led by Ashley Thorn, AMFT

BEGINS Monday, March 4th           

Are you struggling to make your stepfamily work?  Come to Stepfamily Night!  We understand it can be very challenging and difficult bringing a stepfamily together, but our 6-week Smart Steps stepfamily course can help.  Designed to include both parents and children, some of the things you and your family will come away with include:

  • Increased knowledge of the “normal” development of stepfamilies
  • Enhanced skills for adjusting to change
  • Knowledge on becoming a successful stepparent and improving stepparent-stepchild relationships
  • Better communication skills in the family and co-parenting relationships
  • Skills to reduce and manage conflict
  • Ways to create a stronger marital relationship
  •  Improved use of healthy, respectful, kind behaviors towards others in the family

Class will be held on Monday Evenings from 6:00-8:00pm for six weeks

*Breakout sessions for parents and children from 6:00-7:40pm

*Family activity from 7:40-8:00pm

Fee is $600 per family (Half is due at registration)

Space is very limited, so contact us to enroll your family today!

Download the Step Family Flyer

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