Women’s DBT Skills Group

Women’s DBT Skills Group

Next Group Begins Fall 2014!

Tuesdays 6:00-7:30 pm

Led by Monette Cash, LCSW

Women’s DBT Skills Group is a 3-series skills group that teaches basic skills
such as how to manage your emotions so they dont control your life-how
to cope effectively with difficult relationships- and learning how to
react calmly rather than impulsively in order to avoid unhealthy
escapes. This 3 module skill group will run in 6 week segments and
all are necessary to have lasting success.

Series 1: (6 weeks)  Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance

Series 2: (6 weeks)  Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation

Series 3: (6 weeks) Mindfulness and Interpersonal

Please contact us to register for the group!