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Congratulations on taking the first step toward improving your life and strengthening your relationships! Our mission is to provide compassionate, confidential, and professional therapy services for individuals, couples, and families improve their relationships and mental health.

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Meet Our Providers

Our highly trained, licensed therapists are ready to help! Find out which provider is the best fit for you and your family.

  • Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, LCSW

    Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, LCSW Salt Lake Co

    Owner & Executive Director: I want to help you thrive in your personal life and in your family relationships! Together, we can find the balance between caring for yourself and for others.

  • Clair Mellenthin, LCSW

    Clair Mellenthin, LCSW Salt Lake Co

    Clinical Director: I help children overcome and resolve their problems by learning healthy coping skills, discovering new behaviors, increasing self-esteem, and developing a hopeful life outlook.

  • Ashley Thorn, LMFT

    Ashley Thorn, LMFT Salt Lake Co

    Life, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a handbook! Everyone can use a little help now and then navigating through the rough patches. I love helping stepfamilies become closer.

  • Haylee Heyn, LMFT

    Haylee Heyn, LMFT Utah Co

    I am passionate about helping women of all ages navigate life challenges and build confidence and self worth along the way.

  • Melanie Davis, CMHC, NCC

    Melanie Davis, CMHC, NCC Salt Lake Co

    I help individuals achieve a sense of well-being, happiness & understanding by creating a safe, positive and therapeutic environment conducive for lasting change.

  • Katrina Appiah, LCSW

    Katrina Appiah, LCSW Davis Co

    I believe that within each of us lies a powerful, resilient human spirit that has the capacity to thrive.

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